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What Is VW 4Motion?

All-wheel-drive systems have been available for decades on various automakers’ vehicles; some AWD systems feature full-time AWD, others are strictly on-demand, others are designed so that all four wheels are independently driven but don’t rely on a central mechanical coupling.

The Volkswagen 4Motion system is a proprietary design that’s exclusive to VW; it provides seamless drivability and predictable, safe traction in a variety of conditions. Here’s a brief rundown on how it works and how 4Motion can help your overall driving experience.

What Is 4Motion?

You can think of 4Motion as being a power distribution system; sensors monitor the speed of each wheel and when the 4Motion processor detects a wheel spinning faster than the others as it loses traction, power and torque to that wheel is reduced. This is tied in with the traction control, vehicle stability control and antilock braking systems, which also rely on monitoring wheel speed and detection of wheelspin to manage traction.

In older vehicle designs, 4WD would be engaged by means of a lever or switch, sometimes with a low-range feature that would help enhance traction in difficult conditions. Even older 4WD systems in trucks would require the driver to jump out and manually lock in the front hubs. 4Motion is an entirely different system that’s governed by an electronic processor and requires no decisions or actions from the driver. The end result is a system that enhances your vehicle’s control, safety and road manners across a whole range of road conditions, terrain and weather.

How Does 4Motion Work?

There are actually two different AWD systems for Volkswagen vehicles, depending on the vehicle’s drivetrain configuration and how the engine is mounted. If the engine is mounted fore-and-aft, as in the Touareg SUV, a mechanical Torsen (Torque Sensing) differential manages the distribution of power and torque to the four wheels. If the engine is mounted transversely, as in the VW Passat, an electro/hydraulic unit known as the Haldex takes over traction and torque management.

The mechanical Torsen system is a little more robust and is suited for off road driving, hence its use in the Touareg. The Haldex relies on fluid coupling and is more compact and lighter, making it a good fit for a more fuel-efficient vehicle like the Passat. But, make no mistake: even if you don’t plan on going offroad, it can make all the difference in your vehicle’s traction and control in rain or wintry conditions.

In either case, 4Motion only employs AWD when it’s needed; during normal highway conditions, the vehicle will always be operating in 2WD mode. 4Motion’s engagement is seamless enough that the driver will never even notice when AWD kicks in; in practice, it’s nearly impossible to even notice a difference in your driving experience.

Is 4Motion AWD or 4WD?

Technically, you can think of 4Motion as being an AWD On-Demand system, as the 4Motion processor only engages it when it detects a loss of traction. There’s no switch or button in the cabin where the driver can engage 4Motion; it will kick in and start providing power to all four wheels automatically, or will cut power to a wheel that’s starting to lose traction and slip. Although there’s no way to manually engage 4Motion, though, the Active Control system does allow the driver to select Snow Mode, On-Road Mode, Off-road Mode and Off-Road Custom Mode. These settings change transmission shift points, steering response, Hill Descent Control and other factors to optimize traction and safety. In terms of your everyday driving experience, though, the difference between AWD and 4WD is a distinction without a difference.

Which Volkswagen Vehicles Are Available With 4Motion?

For model year 2021, the following Volkswagen models will be available with 4Motion as an upgrade package:

  • 2021 Atlas (offered as an optional upgrade)
  • 2021 Tiguan (offered as an optional upgrade)
  • 2021 Golf R

On all three vehicles, the 4Motion system can be mated to a variety of diesel, hybrid or gas engine options, with the sort of fuel economy, power and responsiveness that you’ve got in mind. That includes a 235 horsepower 2.0L I-4 or 276 horsepower 3.6L V6 for the Atlas (with 8-speed automatic transmission), 1.5L I-4, mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid drivetrains for the Golf and 2.0L I-4 for the Tiguan

And of course, all three are designed around attention to safety, including driver assist features, Safety Cage, stability-enhancing systems, post-collision braking, intelligent crash response system and more. 4Motion partners with these systems to become an entire safety suite, for the peace of mind, confidence and security of you and your passengers.

If you’re looking for a new Tiguan for sale or new Atlas SUV for sale, you can now make a truly informed choice, armed with a little more knowledge about VW 4Motion!

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