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    New Volkswagen ID.4 For Sale In Fort Lauderdale, FL

    The Volkswagen (VW) ID.4 for sale is going to change the electric SUV game forever. This bold and beautiful SUV welcomes you into an amazing driving experience with open arms, and you’ll love how far you can go on just a short charge. See how the future is fueling up at our showroom in Fort Lauderdale today.

    Evolving the Electric SUV

    The Volkswagen ID.4 for sale takes on all challenges with capable confidence solidified by batteries that bring plenty of power without the drawbacks of traditional fossil fuels. Enjoy plenty of torque and horsepower within a fortified frame that’s built to bring out the best in on-road adventures. Different difficult terrains, changes in traffic conditions, and notifications popping off on your phone won’t distract you from arriving at your destination in style.

    The battery underneath the ID.4 electric SUV for sale will take your electrically powered SUV to heights and lengths some might not know electric can go. Prepare to push the limits inside a vehicle that can connect its 77kWh battery pack to either 110- or 240-volt power sources, including home charging stations.

    With a home charging station set up, you’ll start the morning with a full tank every time. Small midday breaks at home turn into opportunities to charge back up to full range, and the same can happen even faster at mobile rapid-charging stations throughout the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area. When fully charged, drivers of the VW ID.4 for sale can enjoy an all-electric range of up to 250 miles1 between charges.

    The Future of Fueling Up

    Another benefit for SUV drivers that choose to go electric through Volkswagen is that the VW ID.4 in Florida comes with three years of unlimited charges from Electrify America DC Fast Chargers,2 at no additional cost. Electrify America charging stations are located alongside several main highways in the United States, stretching from the frozen tips of the northern border to the breathtaking coastal beaches of South Florida.

    When you pull up at a public fast charger in the Sunshine State, your Volkswagen ID.4 for sale can charge at the following rates, depending on various conditions: you can gain 60 miles range in about 10 minutes,3 and go from 5% to 80% charge in about 38 minutes.4 So take a break, and in the same time it takes to empty the dishwasher or straighten out your schedule with a couple of crucial calls, your car can replenish itself.

    A great electric-powered SUV is measured by what it can do with the power it has, not just how much electric power can be stored in your new car’s battery in a single instance. Instant torque inside the engine calmly purrs to life as soon as you press the pedal, and the available all-wheel-drive option spreads handling responsibilities across the entire car in a well-balanced design. This allows you to get the most out of your car regardless of the conditions Mother Nature throws at it.

    The VW ID.4 for sale shines for many reasons, but none more paramount than having a high-performance, battery-powered engine that can produce up to 201 hp, has 229 lb-ft. of torque, and can tow up to 2,200 lbs. when properly equipped. This is another step forward in the future of fuel sources and for families that want to fuel up for fun. Avoid contributing to a larger carbon footprint, and you’ll find yourself delighted to drive such an intuitively smooth, efficient, and stylish vehicle.

    Volkswagen Models in South Florida

    Our Gunther VW dealership in Fort Lauderdale has plenty of amazing models to choose from. Solo drivers and families alike will find vehicles that enjoy taking on a challenge and grabbing adventure by the horns. Models like the VW ID.4 for sale, Volkswagen Tiguan, and more make up excellent choices that local car owners can’t stop raving about.

    SUV models like the Atlas SUVs for sale and VW ID.4 ascend above their fellow competitors because they both embody an unbridled, never-ending search for improvement from Volkswagen vehicle project engineers and our whole team. Act now and get behind the wheel of a car that promises to keep up with whatever is coming next.


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