How to Program a VW Key FOB

Program a Volkswagen key fob

Volkswagen key fobs generally come in two varying styles. If you’re looking to learn how to program a VW key fob, then you’re going to need to learn what the two different styles are. The first key fob style is the key integrated by key fob remote. The second version comes with a key and key fob remote. Programming your key Fob is rather simple if you have the right set of instructions.

Steps to program a Volkswagen key fob:

    1. Put your key into the VW ignition


    1. Rotate the key forward until you hear one click, but be sure to not start the engine.


    1. Step outside of the vehicle and ensure the doors are not ajar.


    1. Lock the driver’s side door with the other VW key by manually inserting it into the door. Then leave the key inside of the lock.


    1. Push the “Open” or “Unlock” symbol on your key fob. You should hear the horn honk and the sound of your doors unlocking. Repeat this process with each key fob remote.


What is Fob Key?

Ah the infamous key Fob, which is commonly referred to as the Fob. The Key Fob is a device used to access a vehicle, as well as turn it on. It uses technology to secure access to multiple systems throughout a vehicle. Generally, key fobs use randomly generated access codes that reset every minute or so, making them difficult to hack.

How much does it cost to program a Volkswagen key?

If you’re not the DIY type, no worries! The fee for resetting the Volkswagen key is generally low unless you need an entirely new Volkswagen key, remote, and programming. If you need all three, it will set you back a few hundred dollars. So if you’re failing to reset or program the VW key, keep it handy book a service appointment in Florida.

Can You Reprogram a Used VW Key Fob?

Yes, it is possible to reprogram a used key fob to a different vehicle. It just has to be matched to the same model.

How to Reprogram a Used VW Key Fob:

    1. Remove the battery cables


    1. Wait half a minute then plug them back in


    1. Turn the key in the ignition to On


    1. Turn the key to off then on and then off and then on, but while pressing down on the “unlock” remote at the same time.


    1. Then turn the key to off once again.


    1. Lock and unlock the door three time before taking the key out of the door.


    1. Try starting the engine!


What to Do if the Fob Won’t Wirelessly Unlock the Car

If your VW key fob will not unlock the car from afar or wirelessly, many things could be causing the dilemma. The Fob could have dead batteries inside of it. To find out if this is the case, you would need to take the key apart or call on our handy service team to do it for you. If a new part is needed, you can order the parts online! The issue could also be indicative of a ruined wireless entry board, for which there are different types of replacements. The car could also need to be programmed to recognize the key’s signal, which our service center can do. A damaged antenna can cause issues with wireless entry, so be sure to check for that. There’s also the possibility that the Comfort Control Model is faulty and in need of a replacement––if you’re not sure, inquire with a service representative online or over the phone!

Explore VW Key Fob Tricks With Us

When in doubt, it’s always wise to get in touch with a team that understands the depths of German engineering. Only the specialists at Gunther Volkswagen Fort Lauderdale can say that they know the ins and outs of every VW vehicle known to man. Why take a chance on all of this DIY stuff when you have our expertise at your fingertips? If your Volkswagen vehicle turns on, then you have successfully programmed a used key fob. Should any issues arise during this process, feel free to reach out to our VW service center. We know all of the latest VW key fob tricks and more.