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Volkswagen Tiguan Vs. Subaru Forester Comparison

VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester

Our VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester comparison is here if you’re shopping for new Volkswagen SUVs for sale to find the best fit for your family. To highlight how the Tiguan beats the Forester, we’ll look at performance capabilities, including engine size, horsepower, torque, drivetrain options, and estimated fuel economy.

In our Volkswagen Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester comparison, we’ll also look at the differences in size, including seating capacity, cargo room, and overall length and width. After you read our review of the new VW Tiguan for sale, we’re confident you’ll want to schedule your test drive at our SUV dealership.

Forester vs. Tiguan: Who Keeps Up?

When you want an adventure-ready SUV that offers the performance and capability you need to load up and hit the lake or the mountains, there’s only one solution: the new VW Tiguan. Let’s compare the Subaru Forester vs. Tiguan performance and see who gives you the power you need to conquer your next getaway.

VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester: Performance

2022 VW Tiguan 2022 Subaru Forester
Engine: 2.0-Liter Turbo I4 2.5-Liter Flat-4
Horsepower: 184 182
Torque (pound-feet): 221 176
Drivetrain: FWD AWD
EPA-Estimated Combined MPG1 26 29

While both vehicles deliver similar performance numbers from comparably sized engines, only one of these new SUVs for sale gives you turbocharged acceleration and the torque you need for getting out of the mud. It’s the 2022 VW Tiguan.

Compare VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester: Dimensions

When you have gear and people to load, you need an SUV that offers plenty of seating configurations, cargo room, and passenger space while still being maneuverable in the city and easy to park. These new seven-seater SUVs are roughly the same length and width, while the Tiguan is longer and wider than the Forester. The VW Tiguan S gives you 124 cubic feet of total passenger volume, but the Forester Base only offers 111.6 cubic feet.

2022 VW Tiguan 2022 Subaru Forester
Number of Seats: 5 5
Cargo Capacity (cu. ft.): 73.4 74.2
Length (inches): 186.1 182.7
Width (inches): 72.4 71.5

2022 Forester vs. Tiguan

At this point, you’ve seen how the Tiguan outperforms the Forester in horsepower, torque, overall size, and passenger volume, but what if those things aren’t important to you? What if you want to know which has the most features: the Volkswagen Tiguan or Subaru Forester? Let’s climb inside the cabins of both vehicles and tour the amenities.

When it comes to comparing the VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester comforts, conveniences, and entertainment offerings, the Tiguan arrives with heated front seats, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit®, a blind-spot monitor, and front assist. Tiguan S drivers will also enjoy having two front USB-C data ports and Volkswagen Car-Net®.

The Subaru Forester is similarly equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, iPod® control capability, and smartphone integration applications but only has one LCD monitor in the front. When you’re looking for an SUV with the standard entertainment features and displays you expect, don’t miss the 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan for sale.

New Volkswagen Tiguan Lease Specials

If you’re still reading our Forester vs. Tiguan comparison and aren’t on your way to our VW dealership to test drive the new Tiguan, you might be holding off until you hear about new Volkswagen specials and Tiguan lease offers.

You’ll be glad to know that our dealership offers custom lease offers on new cars for sale. Here is the 2022 trim lineup:

  • Volkswagen Tiguan S
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SE
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SE R-Line Black
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SEL R-Line

If there is a particular trim model and color combination you’re interested in, our finance department can answer any of your questions about how leasing compares to financing and then review our current lease offers on Tiguan SUVs. We also stock a wide selection of VW Tiguan lease turn-ins and off-lease vehicles.

After drivers end their lease at our dealership, we subject every vehicle to a multi-point inspection. Many of those vehicles join our certified pre-owned Volkswagen inventory or become a part of our used cars for sale if they meet the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: Subaru Forester or Volkswagen Tiguan?

If you’re looking for a compact SUV but aren’t interested in the usual suspects and don’t want to pay for a luxury option, you’ve probably narrowed it down to the VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester. The 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan for sale gives drivers an attractive design, plenty of space, and usable performance.

Which is bigger: Forester or Tiguan?

When it comes to the overall length, width, and passenger space, the Volkswagen Tiguan is bigger than the Subaru Forester and gives you more passenger area while still providing plenty of cargo room for all your gear. If you’re looking for a compact SUV that offers you a comfortable driving position and plenty of visibility, test-drive the new VW Tiguan today.

Is the Volkswagen Tiguan expensive to maintain?

Comparing VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester cost of ownership, the VW Tiguan offers a yearly cost of maintenance that is substantially lower than many new SUVs for sale. To help you save on factory-scheduled oil changes and brake jobs, our VW service department offers monthly service specials and discounts on auto repair as well as coupons on VW auto parts.

Why Gunther Volkswagen Fort Lauderdale?

Thank you for taking the time to read our VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester comparison and review. We hope we’ve answered any questions you had about which SUV (the Volkswagen Tiguan or Subaru Forester) is better.

If there’s anything we’ve missed or you’d like to hear more about when it comes to the VW Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester, please don’t hesitate to contact our dealership. Our sales team and finance department are here to review all of your options, so you can make an informed decision and take home a new VW SUV that you love.

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123 city/30 highway mpg (2022 Tiguan 2.0L, 8-speed automatic transmission). EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary and depends on several factors, including your driving habits and vehicle condition.

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