VW High-Mileage Protection Plans. For The Party That Never Stops

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Some of our VW owners plan on keeping their cars forever. In fact, one such Volkswagen owner has over 1.6M miles on the clock. Now that’s a lot of miles. But when you love your Volkswagen as much as we know you will, who’s really counting? We know our owners are devoted to their VW’s. And so are our factory-trained service technicians. We offer two high-mileage protection plans which cater to specific needs and vehicle conditions. If you would like to explore which plan might be the right one for you, our service advisors would love to hear about your goals and share our latest specials. Our plans* are:

  • Owner Select Coverage
  • Drivetrain Plus Coverage
  • * Coverage level availability may be limited based on the age, mileage, make and model of your vehicle. Deductible applies.

So What’s In The Plan, Stan?

Depending on the current age and mileage of your VW, you can purchase coverage up to 48,000 miles. Your plan begins from the moment you purchase coverage and is good at over 6,000+ authorized service providers in the U.S. and Canada. Depending on which plan you choose, there may be a deductible for your service. Either plan covers specific service requirements, however, both plans include a healthy baseline of service and they are:

  • Alternate Transportation Coverage. Reimbursement up to $40/day for up to 10 days per covered mechanical breakdown. This includes public transportation, rental car services, or rideshare services through a licensed rental agency, dealership, or rideshare provider.
  • Towing Coverage. Reimbursement of up to $100 in towing charges per covered mechanical breakdown.
  • Travel Coverage. We’ve got your back. We can cover up to $500 per occurrence (or $100/day) for food and lodging if you are more than 100 miles from your home base.
  • Fluids Coverage. This covers all necessary fluids related to your repair such as oils, greases, lubricants, AC gasses and so forth.
  • Improved Resale Value. Should you ever decide to sell your VW, your coverage transfers to the new owner. This is always a big resale incentive.
  • Continental Coverage. If you need us while in the U.S. or Canada, you will find the convenience of over 6,000+ authorized service providers.
  • Toll-Free Assistance. Even if your VW has taken you to the furthest reaches of the middle of nowhere, you can enjoy the convenience of calling us for free at 800.327.5172
  • Easy Financing. Roll the cost of your service contract right into your monthly payment.
  • Additional Information. We offer you a lot. And cover a lot. But in case you were wondering about what isn’t covered, or plan limits, these are the facts: Vehicle Protection Plan will not pay or reimburse for mechanical breakdowns caused by misuse, abuse, negligence (including the negligence of any repair facility), improper towing, lack of maintenance of the failed covered part, contamination, damage as the result of continued operation with an overheat condition, lack of coolant or lubricants, lack of oil viscosity, sludge, restricted oil flow, salt, rust and rust damage, environmental damage or chemicals. No payment or reimbursement for the correction of oil consumption, repair of worn rings, or any repairs for reduction in engine efficiency that must be performed on your vehicle when a Mechanical Breakdown has not occurred. See service contract for complete details.
  • Payment For Service. Any of our participating service providers can be paid directly for authorized repairs. You do not have to pay and wait for reimbursements.

We know that owning a high-mile VW will take some love, but that’s what the VW brand has always been about. We know what it takes to keep our customers happy and that’s why we are pleased to offer some coverage that will take you just about anywhere you want to go. Keep in mind, when you service with us here at Gunther VW of Fort Lauderdale, we offer complimentary washes because let’s face it, a clean car is a happy car. And we like making cars happy right along-side their owners. Additionally, we offer complimentary vehicle sanitizing with our state of the art ozone purifier which is done pre-service and post-service for your added peace of mind. Contact one of the cheeriest service departments around for further details or an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome at our Fort Lauderdale location.