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Genuine Volkswagen Tire Center & Service In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Volkswagen Tire Center

Our Volkswagen tire center is your one-stop-shop for new tires for sale, tire mounting, balancing, flat tire repair, and wheel alignment. If your VW Jetta lease deal is due for a new set of tires, get in touch with our service department and tire center. We can tell you how to choose the right size tires for your vehicle and the best type for your driving conditions.

Volkswagen Tire Center

When you stop into our tire center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you’ll find a wide selection of replacement VW tires. Our expert service techs can help you choose a new set for your ride that delivers the performance and handling you expect.

If your car pulls to one side of the road, your car’s tires may be out of alignment. You might have bumped a curb, pothole, or parking block while out and about. If so, you can bring your VW vehicle to our tire center for a quick inspection or alignment.

Volkswagen Tire Service

If you’re bringing your vehicle to our auto shop for a VW brake service, it’s a great opportunity for a tire rotation and inspection. We recommend rotating your car’s tires about every 7,500 miles or with every oil change.

Tire rotations help maximize the life of the tire. Front-wheel-drive vehicles wear down the front tires faster than the rear tires. For a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the opposite is true. Rotating the tires on your car helps prevent premature and uneven degradation.

VW Tire Replacement

If you need a new set of tires or Volkswagen tire repair, our VW service department and tire shop is here to assist you. We can repair most flat tire punctures in the tread of the tire, but if the tire’s sidewall is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

At that point, our experienced technicians can tell you what’s covered by your VW tire warranty and recommend replacement tires for your VW car or SUV.

Alignment vs. Balancing

Tire alignment and balancing are different things. If you look at a tire, it seems like it’s a perfect circle, but it isn’t. Balancing a tire is the process of adding small weights at various points on the wheels to ensure the tire spins evenly.

A tire also exists in three dimensions. Alignment ensures the tire is true in all three dimensions, so it sits as flat as possible. When the tire sits flat, it wears evenly and doesn’t develop unsafe wear patterns or bald spots in the tread.

Tire Specials and Coupons

Before you swing by our tire shop for a new set of tires or an alignment inspection, check our website for service specials. We regularly offer oil change coupons and monthly service specials on Volkswagen battery replacement and new tires for sale at Gunther Volkswagen of Fort Lauderdale.

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