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If you love your Volkswagen vehicle, you will also love our VW Service Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Work on your tan while we work on your car as you relax in our sun-soaked guest center. As if that wasn’t reason enough to come and see us, this page will tell you more about the benefits that are waiting for you at Gunther VW. Don’t forget to explore additional benefits waiting for you at our VW Tire Center.

Our Gunther VW Service Menu

Your VW vehicle is made up of hundreds of parts. So in a sense, there could be hundreds of reasons why you’d come in to see us. No matter what you or your Volkswagen vehicle needs, our team of factory-inspired & trained professionals are ready to help you (and in most cases, without an appointment). Here are some of the top services on our VW repair menu:

  • Gunther Plus & Scheduled VW Maintenance – A majority of our service customers come and see us for routine maintenance. Fortunately, Gunther VW covers your first three visits, making ownership even more appealing. No appointment is necessary. See us for Service Express.
  • Brake Service – Another popular service for our customers is our genuine VW brake service. Every VW vehicle was built to perform. Recent VW vehicles are built with energy capture technology that comes from your vehicle’s brakes. Why trust anyone else with this critical safety system?
  • AC Service – We’re no stranger to warm temperatures in our neck of the woods. A properly working AC system can make or break your daily driving experience. Not to mention the impact on fuel economy if things aren’t working efficiently. Ask your service advisor about our AC inspections & service.
  • Electrical System Service – If you’re convinced that there’s been a ghost in the machine lately, let our expert team of technicians use the latest in diagnostics to quickly identify any electrical ghoul. In some cases, issues can be resolved with a simple battery replacement and system health check. No appointment necessary. So who you gonna call?

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should Volkswagen vehicles be serviced?

The recommended service intervals for Volkswagen vehicles can vary depending on the model, year, and driving conditions. It’s essential to consult your Volkswagen owner’s manual for service intervals and recommendations specific to your vehicle. Additionally, factors like climate and personal driving habits can influence the frequency of maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and maintaining a regular service schedule can help ensure the longevity and reliability of your Volkswagen vehicle.

What is included in a Volkswagen maintenance?

A typical Volkswagen maintenance service can encompass various tasks aimed at keeping the vehicle in good working condition. Routine maintenance services necessary for your vehicle include oil and oil filter changes, tire rotations, air filter replacements, tire balances, and more. Refer to your owner’s manual for service and service intervals, or reach out to our team for guidance. We look forward to serving you and your VW vehicle soon!

Where can I service my Volkswagen car in South Florida?

Our team at Gunther Volkswagen in Fort Lauderdale, FL, works passionately to bring the value of the Volkswagen brand to the local community and beyond. Our mission extends to keeping your Volkswagen model running smoothly, even long after you’ve driven it home. Visit our expert Volkswagen service center staffed by factory-trained technicians and equipped with genuine VW parts and cutting-edge equipment today.

See You at Our VW Service Center

Our VW service department is here to do more than just swap out old parts with new ones. We’re VW drivers, too, and we love this brand just as much as you do. You’ll find that our technicians go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is at its best because they understand what you’re looking to experience. So for Volkswagen service you can count on, and often without an appointment, just come on by. We look forward to seeing you here.

VW Service Center Reviews

”Great experience with Jesse in the service department. He helped me get my car back to where it needs to be, kept it at a reasonable price. Excellent service was provided with the rental area as well. Melanie has a great attitude and friendly disposition, and David kept it up to make sure I had good service all around showing great teamwork. Great job you guys!” 5 stars, review by Adriana Aldecoa 07/30/2023

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